Spark Music Gear Compact Folding Microphone Stand
Spark Music Gear Compact Folding Microphone Stand Extended
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Compact Folding Microphone Stand

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The goal when designing a traveling microphone stand was to incorporate the most robust combination of tubing sizes possible, to be as lightweight as possible and of course to be able to fit in your carry-on luggage when folded. The SMG-MS mic stand exceeded expectations and is so sturdy and so stable it can be your everyday mic stand. Another objective accomplished is that the mic stand is also the stand used for the SMG-50 compact speaker. The Spark mic stand will be available in unlimited quantities for a discount during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Subscribe below for launch date notifications.

  • Dimensions Folded:   3"x3"x18.5"
  • Maximum Height:   70"
  • Minimum Height:   17"
  • Weight:   2 lbs 10 oz