The Spark Story

As a performing songwriter I wanted but could never find a highly compact, great sounding PA system. The reality is that most small PA systems are made with cheap components and have really poor sound quality. They are also still pretty heavy and not that easy to transport. Even the popular tower systems are still fairly bulky and their sound quality is debatable.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention and I built a system for myself.

My early prototypes used off-the-shelf speakers and components and I built an amplifier from electronics boards that I found online from China. While this new system worked ok for my personal use, I needed to start talking with speaker and electronics manufacturers to get a professional product that had all the specifications that I thought were important. One reason I was able to get such great sound is the speakers are expensive.  You would pay upwards of $150 each if you were able to buy them from a speaker parts store. 

I am extremely happy with the final product and I believe you will too. The range and performance can be compared to the high end tower type PA systems but from my personal opinion and from the feedback I have received, the Spark PA is louder and better sounding. Credit card charges for Spark Music Gear will show as Inc.. 

Calvin Mann
President & Founder