SMG-50 Coaxial Speaker 

Spark Coaxial Speaker
When considering speaker size for a compact PA system, 8" is the diameter of woofer where you begin to truly get realistic reproduction of mid-range and bass frequencies along with substantial volume and range.  The SMG-50 speaker's woofer and center mounted tweeter are the same that are used in expensive high fidelity applications that retail for upwards of $150 each.  Both the speaker and the SMG-200 amplifier were designed to compliment each other creating the perfect balance of audio fidelity and power. The design also allows the performer to be in front of the speakers, utilizing them as mains and monitors without feedback.  The SMG-50 speaker's tube enclosure is made of an indestructible 1/4" of solid PVC plastic and covered in a heavy duty carbon fibre print wrap.  The front grill and rear cap are machine pressed out of 20 gauge steel and secured with heavy duty machine screws. The SMG-MS mic stand is the same stand used for the SMG-50 speaker and able to reach a total of 79" in overall height. 


    SMG-100 Subwoofer

    Loud, deep and amazing, the SMG-100 subwoofer isn't just bass, it is the component that completes the Spark Music Gear system. Along with producing bass it also assists the main speakers with mid range tones rounding out your sound spectrum and giving your audience a full complete performance. Vocals, guitar and other lower frequency acoustic tones are all enhanced by the SMG-100 subwoofer.

        SMG-200 Amplifier

        The Spark SMG-200 is a small amplifier with a huge sound. Combined with Spark's super efficient, high fidelity 8" coaxial speakers you can experience the same volume and clarity of premium 12" loudspeaker systems. The class D technology driving the SMG-200 creates clear, realistic and musical sound reproduction along with remarkable power in a very small package.  The front panel features 1/4" left and right inputs from your mixer and a 3.5mm in for an iPod for between set music. Also included is an overall volume control, separate subwoofer gain and a frequency control. The frequency control allows you to incrementally add levels of midrange to the subwoofer. The back panel includes left and right out to speakers, subwoofer out and a stereo line-out to go to recording devices or in-ear monitor systems. A sound mixer with EQ is required but not included with the Spark PA.