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DIY PA Complete Kit

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Limited Quantity of 230 Kits 

The Spark PA Kit includes all parts necessary to complete two coaxial PA speakers and a subwoofer.  Also included are the three required drill bits, carbon fiber design speaker wrap, the SMG 200 Amplifier, three 15' speaker cables and two 3' TS cables to connect the amplifier to your sound mixer. Tools and other items required such as a power drill and PVC cement are standard and can be found in your garage or local hardware store. The PA speakers mount to your mic stands. The tripod style are the most stable and secure. There will only be 230 kits available during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at 25% off sell price. You will also be able to order, in unlimited quantities, the Spark Compact Folding Mic Stand, The Spark Roll-Aboard Bag, Shoulder Duffle and Spark Hat at discounted prices. Be sure to subscribe below in order to receive launch date notifications.