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Roll Aboard Bag

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Why a soft roll aboard bag and not a hardshell? Remember this is carry-on luggage and soft bags are more forgiving when finding space in the overhead as well as allow a modicum of expansion for squeezing in that last bit of gear.  Both bags are compliant to domestic airline carry-on sizes. The shoulder bag in conjunction with the roll aboard incorporates a back sleeve that slides over the roll aboard's handle that couples the two bags together allowing the roll-aboard to "piggy back" the shoulder bag.  Both bags are purposely left with open and clear interiors in order to fit the maximum amount of gear. The roll aboard also serves as a backpack with shoulder straps hidden in a zippered flap. The shoulder bag has a 7"x 7" zippered front pocket and two large side pockets.  Two smaller zippered compartments are on the exterior of one of the side pockets. The roll aboard has one full length, full width zippered front pocket and a 9"x 10" pocket overlapping that. Both bags are made with durable water resistant canvas and heavy duty straps and zippers. The roll-aboard is additionally secured with two wrap-around securing straps with heavy duty quick release plastic buckles. Free shipping to mainland USA.

  • Dimensions:   22"x14"x9"
  • Weight:   6 lb 15 oz